The portal is designed to analyze problems of Lithuanian language and solutions of these problems in information technology. This website contains such information:

  • solutions that are realized to write Lithuanian language texts without any problem: any text which is in Lithuanian is shown correctly on screen, in emails and in any other implementations;

  • how could one use anything that is done: localized Lithuanian programs (or original Lithuanian programs), vocabularies, any other information which is in Lithuanian;

  • how could one establish Lithuanian digital interface in his (her) own computer, office, school, in the internet;

  • any problem in information technology which is not solved yet and all the ways to solve them and perspectives are given here as well.

Information Society Development Committee hopes that all together we will obtain that modern information technology will help to keep and cherish Lithuanian language in digital interface and the technology will serve us and none of us.

Main areas:

Characters. Main problems are discussed: sets, encoding, sending using ICT. The Lithuanian alphabet is given, and the description in 1 byte encodings using several OS (DOS, „Windows“, „Linux“, „MacOS“) and Unicode, where are main  Lithuanian characters in a standard Lithuanian keyboard. When we talk about characters, there are main topics on it:

  • an alphabet;

  • encodings;

  • punctuation marks;

  • accented letters;

  • keyboard layout;

  • Lithuanian charcters in email;

  • Lithuanian characters in www;

  • Lithuanian characters in SMS.

 Dictionaries. There are several dictionaries given: the encyclopedic computer dictionary (~4000 words description) the related „English – Lithuanian computer dictionary“ (~7000 words).

There are these dictionaries:

  • Encyclopedic;

  • English – Lithuanian;

  • the dictionary of phrases;

  • inappropriate words.

 Localization. A short description about localization of software is given. The list of recommended localized programs and thir description: their purpose, the authors of the original and localized versions, how could one get the program, informatikon about installation of program, requirements for a computer, information about program.

 In a topic “Localization” one can find such information:

  • internationalization and localization;

  • the localization of open source;

  • the problems of localization to Lithuanian;

  • list of localized programs.


  • Lithuanian and international standard organizations;

  • Standards of encoding;

  • Standards of keyboard layout;

  • other standards concerned with Lithuanian language.

 Links. There are given sites to websites where one can find information about lithuanian language in computers, the papers which are near to this website, sites to  main laws, the handouts from seminars.


  • seminars;

  • websites;

  • papers;

  • laws;

  • templates.

 The portal gives a possibility to ask how one should tell any terms in Lithuanian, and this autumn a forum for discussing terms and problems has started.

 Content of the site is presented in Lithuanian, exept some pages in English containing information relevant for foreign visitors of the site (Inconsistencies in ETSI DES 202 130 V 2.1.1_27 Draft Report:



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